• CD - This Time Around

    CD - This Time Around


    A childhood marked by poverty and abuse echoes in the background of Heather Williams’ first album, This Time Around. But this Florida-based singer/songwriter infuses her Christ-centered songs with a forward-looking sense of hope. This Time Around includes four tracks from her self-titled 2010 debut EP (including the power ballad “Hallelujah”) along with six brand-new tunes. Williams’ assertive alto voice and unguarded songwriting style can deliver big faith anthems like “Start Over” and “You Are Loved” as well as humbler testimonies like “Holes.” She isn’t afraid to get brassy at times, even when beseeching the Lord to repair her broken life (as in “Beautiful Thing”). “Always Been Faithful” comes closest to explicitly alluding to the singer’s difficult upbringing; its words speak powerfully of surrendering sorrow and anger to God. The album’s production merges modern dance pop with classic rock moves, giving Williams’ vocals enough room to smolder and erupt.


  • CD - EP

    CD - EP


    Heather's EP with INO records includes the hit song "Hallelujah" and the songs "Holes", "Beautiful Thing" and "This Time Around".


  • CD - 3 Pack

    CD - 3 Pack


    This amazing 3-pack includes Heather's independent CD, the INO EP , and the Fair Trade / Columbia freshman release "This Time Around". You will love not only her hits "Hallelujah" and "God is still God" but hearing Heather sing great worship songs from her independent CD.


  • Autographed Photo

    Autographed Photo


    A glossy photo of Heather signed personally by the artist herself. A must have for true fans!


  • Salvation Bead Bracelet

    Salvation Bead Bracelet


    Leather strap with colored beads are a great way to share your faith! Beads tell the story of salvation from Heaven (gold) where we want to spend eternity to sin (black) that keeps us from it, to the blood of Jesus (red) that makes us clean (white) and now we are alive and growing (green) in Christ.