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September 18, 2010



The INO Records Weekly Register

CMB Momentum Was Buzzing!

If you were at the INO Showcase Luncheon on Friday in Orlando, than you witnessed a powerful moment at the CMB Momentum Conference. In front of a crowd of nearly 600 industry professionals, Heather Williams belted out her debut single “Hallelujah.” But this wasn’t just another song from just another artist. Heather’s story captured the attention of a loud and boisterous convention hall. Her testimony gripped hearts and brought tears to the eyes of many. Heather herself was fighting back tears as she poured out her heart… reliving the pain she’s been through and the victories God has had in her life.


Sarah Taylor (KCMS / Seattle, WA)
Major Market MD Of The Year
“When I heard Heather Williams sing, I thought, ‘here is a woman who has the credibility to belt out this song.’ When Heather sings ‘Hallelujah,’ I believe her. Of every artist who performed at CMB, she was the only one who I literally ran to after the show was done just to touch her hand, look her in the eye, and say, ‘thank you.’

Carmen Brown (WJIS / Tampa, NY)
Medium Market PD Of The Year
“Recently, we introduced our listeners to Heather for the very first time. Naturally we come in contact with a lot of artists and musicians, but something was different about Heather. After spending five minutes with her, I knew exactly what it was: she knew very intimately what it meant to be rescued. I don’t know why some people are required to live harder stories than others, but I do know that it is in our trials and darkest moments that we sometimes see most clearly a need for a deliverer. In a lot of ways, I can identify with Heather. While I didn’t experience extreme abuse, I do know the feeling of not having a dad. Often I wondered why I was the unlucky one that had the father that was in rehab, jail, or who knows where. I just knew he wasn’t with me. Not having a dad leaves you with lasting scars and deep hurts, but there is healing! While we wouldn’t wish the feelings of being unloved or abandoned on anyone, we’re both thankful that our roads have led us to the place that we can say, ‘In spite of it all… Hallelujah.”

Terese Main (Family Life Network / Bath, NY)
“Heather Williams' life is stamped with God's grace, time and time again. He shines through in her story, and her music. Listeners are always telling me how hearing a broken mother, crying ‘Hallelujah’ in her time of darkness, gives them hope that, no matter where we are, our Lord is right there, ready to hold them in His comforting arms.”

Theresa Ross (WCRJ / Jacksonville, FL)
Medium Market MD Of The Year
"In Al Andrews (Porter's Call) words: ‘When you know someone's story, you lean in.’ Knowing Heather's story and listening to 'Hallelujah' has touched me deeply more than any other song in a very long time."

If pain is meant to be a catalyst that produces strength, then Heather Williams is the strongest person on earth. Her story is every bit as incredible as the melodies she crafts. Maybe your listeners haven’t lived a story exactly like Heather’s… but every single one of them can relate to a piece of her life. We’ve all been through trials. We’ve all been through stuggles. In the depths of despair, we need a song that helps us keep saying Halleujah.

We didn't get to show this at the lunch... but continuing the theme of the INO Hometown Lunch, join Heather as she takes you on a tour of her home town and shares her passion for music and ministry!

Peace... love... and good things,



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