Random PSA...The More You Know

March 23, 2011


Random PSA.. the more you know....
Ever had a moment where you can't remember what you were going to say? Like, for instance, one time I could not remember Steve Yzerman's (used to play and captain for the Detroit Red Wings..that's hockey for all my Florida friends) name. I literally blanked. Which is odd seeing that we were engaged once (in my mind) for a short period of time when I was 13. I stammered and stuttered and could not say the name. It was at 4 in the morning when I shot up out of nowhere in bed and shouted "STEVE YZERMAN!!!" As you can imagine my husband got the scare of his life and did not appreciate my "torretts syndrome" moment as I affectionately call them. It seems that I find myself having these moments of "clarity" more often as I get older.
My daughter Skye(7) tends to favor me in a lot of ways. She seems to have picked up this charachter trait of mine, but on a "softer" level. Take for instance the time she announced to everyone on our row in the airplane, that Martin Luther King Jr. was a good man and some mean white people killed him.. and that was not nice and she thinks that people should not hate people because of their skin color. Or the time in the grocery store when she decided to ask a woman about the red blotches on her face and asked if she could look at it closer because it was (and I quote) "an interesting pattern". Ah, yes.. she has moments of "clarity" and voices it. So, last night while our friends and their boys were over, and we were all outside playing Skye announced some facts to all of us while swinging on her swing. "If you are on a boat you should make sure you wear the right life jacket. Too small of a life jacket and you will drown. Too big of a life jacket and it will go over your head and you will drown. If the jacket is just right you will float and not drown." After the information was shared with us....quite randomly... I promise you I saw the star and heard the music play from those PSA's that random actors do. You probobly have even seem some parady's like the one's the actors from the office did a while back. Such as, "People say that you should enjoy all jelly beans.. DON'T the black ones taste disgusting." Cue the star and music and words on the screen reading THE MORE YOU KNOW. Funny stuff. I am laughing now recounting it. But in my quiet time this morning I began wondering how often does God try to speak to us in random moments and we just discount them as funny or uncofortable "thoughts". I can think of a time even in the last week where I am thinking I chose to ignore what God was speaking to me because in my mind I already had another plan and was executing it in MY timing. It's a shame really that I can be so caught up in my own agenda that the voice of GOD can be confused with just a "silly thought." I prayed about it this morning and then came across a beautiful quote:

It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men-CSLewis

So so true. It is important to remain in a state of worship at all times. It is not easy, and it takes some concious thought. But I am going to try and impliment this even more in my life. I am ging to take the next 30 days and journal and pray then come back and maybe even along the way share with you about it. I encourage you to do the same. Take moments ON PURPOSE to focus on your WORSHIP of God. That means in ALL things. In the way you speak to your children, husband, co-workers, friends. In the way you drive.. or what you do while driving. In the time you are all by yourself. In the times you are stressed. In ALL things. I am curious to see what will come of this and am excited to see it change me.

Funny, who knew my daughters random boat safety tips would be what God used to speak to me.


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