Give a little bit....

September 19, 2011


Was reading in Luke this morning.. Chapter 21 specifically. I find myself reading the familiar story of the Widow's offering. I gloss over it almost, after all I have read it a hundred times. I had began this day in prayer asking God to reveal something to me in His word and I figured it had to be AFTER this story.. seeing that it is just the same old story as last time. But I am finding myself drawn to the word Widow. I am literally underlining and highlighting it and tears come to my eyes. How had I not even pondered the thought that not only had this woman given EVERYTHING in her offering but she obviously had already lost so much in her life. She has not husband... he has died. She appears to have no family at all... she has NO money to speak of. No one seems to be caring for her. It is not mentioned that any sons or daughters are with her at the time. I am just overcome with emotion for this woman. She had every "right" to be bitter, to be angry. She could have any ones sympathy if she held onto what she had, what little it was, and not even want to give anything to God. I wonder if people around her pulled a "Job's friends" with her and said anything to her about "why would you even WANT to give to God?" An entirely different scene is playing out in my head.. and then I read the story again. With no drama, no speaking, no fanfare.. she comes in and gives her ALL to God. wow. I am humbled in this moment. To have a heart where no matter how life has tattered me I would be willing to give all to God.

Short and sweet this morning.. my prayer for the day .. and my life.


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