Revolutionary LOVE...

July 15, 2010


I am writing tonight on my "book" and I stopped to just jot down this Blog Post..

So tired of playing “church”. This tired, worn out; un-fulfilled soul
is DONE playing church! I am on a MISSION to start a REVOLUTION! I
want to make a cry, make a PLEA to all those who call themselves
“Christ followers” to RISE UP and say WE ARE DONE PLAYING CHURCH! We
are no longer content to just GO to church and PLAY a part! We are no
longer content attempting to EARN our salvation! We are no longer
content on having a religion with God we want a RELATIONSHIP with our
GOD! We want to have that relationship be so alive, living, breathing
that it is evident to all around us that we have REAL LOVE to GIVE
AWAY to the HURT, the LOST, the POOR, the NEEDY. We are DONE playing
church and we are ready to take up our mission in this life which is
to BE the church! To BE Jesus to those all around us.
I am no longer willing to just sit back and hoard my salvation, my
lifejacket and watch others struggle for breath in this ocean of life.
I am willing to be transparent and willing to be used by GOD to show
LOVE to others.
Let’s start a REVOLUTION of LOVE that is REAL! Are you with me?

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