Dear Life,..... sincerely, Heather

July 15, 2010


Dear Life,

How is it that one minute I am so in love with you and the next I hate you and then even another minute I am scared to death of you... how is that? Is it the fact that I can't control you; the fact that you seem to at will change and hurl things and people at me and I instinctively want to embrace or duck? The motion is constant and is making me feel nauseated. I feel I might just throw up ... too much swaying and mind manipulation. I feel like a silly child with a schoolgirl crush on you. I believe what you tell me, giggle when you are near and cry into my pillow when you don't respond to my calls.
If you could, try to be a little gentler with me for the next few days... I am just not able to digest the mood swings. If you could I would appreciate it. I wish you would call me back though, I long to talk to you again and get what you are saying. It makes me so lonely when you leave me guessing on my own. Or, maybe that is what you want me to do... make a decision on my own. Without you telling me the answer.. you want me to be the one to chose to jump in with both feet.
Anyway, I hope you are well.. and that well "you" are treating yourself well.. haha .. OK stupid joke.. don't hate me?

Sincerely and always around,

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