the people who say "words can't hurt you" have apparently never been smacked in the face with a Bible...

July 15, 2010


So let's just start this off by me saying that in NO WAY am I making this post a political statement or in anyway condoning ANY political party and or politician.. those who know me know how I feel about politics and polititians.. and I want to be semi nice so I will keep those to myself .. ;)
So, without further adue let't stir this pot .. shall we?

It has come to my attention that when people who are Christians vote they for the most part vote along the Republican party line. That is not either good or bad to me.. I am just stating this to get my thoughts going for you. So, the majoraty of people who would refer to themselves as a "christian" vote Republican. And for the most part the news that we take in would be that of FOX news and the likes. So, the other night I am flipping, basicly because it was not LOST night so I was bored. I came across a news program and the mediator was arguing with a Democrat congressman and they were talking about the war. Which is funny.. don't they know that there is a whole "health care" debate going on.. anyway.... so, they are "discussing" the war and the topic comes up reguarding the opinion of the mediator that the liberals "demoralize" our troops and they make them feel like we are not behind them. It is quite inflamitory actually, because as an American I COMPLETELY support my troops and would take offense if anyone were to talk smack about them. This is a 10 minute "debate" and I can just see the Christian community nodding their heads at this and getting riled up at the thought of ANYONE demoralizing our troops. Heck! Even I was getting mad.. and it was just a silly cable show that is not even "news" as much as it is entertainment. I was MAD. I was SICK to my stomach over the thought of words hurting someone who was serving our country. Then this morning it occured to me, WE Christians get SO ticked about that ... but don't we do that to OUR "troops". I mean we gossip about people. We spread it like wildfire in order to be "praying" for people. We seem to enjoy the behind the back accountabilaty and the preach at people method when it comes to fellow belivers no? I mean I have. It is easier to be that way than to actually go to someone and talk with them in LOVE.
I guess my "point" (if I even have one here..) is that WHY in the HECK do we get SO riled up about things that we don't even apply to our spiritual life? It is no wonder we have church splits and people "competing" to sing songs at services and marrigeas failing all around us. We TALK a good TALK but we STAB a good back too. I say, let's start a REVOLUTION of REAL LOVE for our fellow belivers.. HECK (i am saying heck a lot no?) our fellow MANKIND.
It must make God frustrated that we care more about our politics than we do our relationship with Him and OTHERS having a relationship with Him.

I am in NO way saying we should not speak up for what is right, or what we believe in when it comes to our country.. just saying what gets more of your passion? Your attention? Your "Acitvisom?"

LOVE God LOVE people SERVE others.


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