i was unaware there was a "dress code"

July 15, 2010


There is such pressure placed upon us women to fit into a certain mold. Can't
even turn on the television without some sort of bombardment of an "image"
that is pretty much unattainable seeing that photo shop is not able to "go live" yet..
(one can dream) We all sit around at our "ladies teas" and our "bible studies" our "get togethers"
and talk about it. Heck, we even have entire "Christian Women's Conferences" telling us
that we do not need to fit into this mold. There are magazines with inspiring
articles and books that promise to give us the secret to being "joyful" or "content"
or even to "be a better you".
Well, I am here to say that I have chosen NOT to buy into that garbage. GASP!!!!!! I know
some of you are shocked.. but hear me out.
Isn't it pretty much the same thing just in a "christian" package? I mean, why
do we act like going to a conference or buying a book is going to make us happy?
I am not against those things.. they can be ENCOURAGING.. but are they really meant
to be what we seek out to sustain us? To me if we have that mindset as women we
buy into the same lie that we "shun" in the "world". If we do not get our worth FROM
God and God alone than we are setting ourselves up to fail.. and fail miserably. Which
may I just say.. I FAIL miserably all the time.. THAT is the beauty of it. I on my own WILL fail
and should expect to fail trying on my own. But here is the GREAT news... the ONLY
true statement you can BANK your "joy" on. God is right there when you fail miserably
and he is there to pick you up not to push you back down.. or to tell you
how miserably you failed and that you suck. Quite the opposite actually. He has always been
there when I fail encouraging me to keep going. To not look back and to press on.

I know that there are times in all of our lives when we just want to give up
we want to just say FORGET this CRAP I am DONE! We either hold our hands up
in surrender or jump into the downward spiral that pulls us even further
into the lies we believe. I for one am sick of trying to get "advice" from human beings
and am wanting to rely on God to give me my worth. I am clinging to him like a
life preserver. I know that I would rather be doing that than treading water and waiting
for the inevitable sink that will swallow me and drown me.... not worth it.

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