monkey see..monkey do.. too bad I am a Jackass (calm down I am referring to the stubborn animal)

July 15, 2010


I am about to lose it.. the woman holding my children's hand is my mother-in-law and she has now for the um-teenth bazillionth time grabbed them and rushed ahead of me. Grrrrrrr... I am so upset. It is not bad enough that she made me feel like I was a jerk for sitting in the back seat with my children and brings a bad of toys and crayons EVEN THOUGH I ALWAYS bring more than enough to amuse my children. I am a good mom, NO.. make that a GREAT mom. And NOW she is taking over like I am not even here. I am fuming! I start to pretty much "race" her to get to the children when each attraction is over and be the one to "grab" the children and run like heck laughing in sweet sweet victory... Buwahahahaha!

Then... hours later on the ride home....

The kids are in the back seat WITH grandma who has successfully weaseled her way into the position of "grand Pu bah" of the back seat. Grrrr... I am fuming again. I turn "kids place live" on the radio and put it all in the back. The kids begin to go a little out of control. They are bossing Grandma around who in my opinion is too nice and naive to understand that her little perfect angels have successfully located her weakness and are exploiting it to the fullest... yes, my little pretties.. (ok... maybe that was taking it too far) They then begin to act extremely selfish with each other and everything ends up escalating to a fevered pitch and then I step in.. I calm myself down and say "Children, STOP being so selfish and rude to one another". As the last word exits my mouth I choke. ugh! I was telling them to act in one way but behaving myself all day in another. Here I was all day thinking about myself and how I was mad at every little thing and being a complete jackass by demanding my own way. To the point of being angry at my mother-in for the fact that she wanted to spend time with her grandchildren. Wow.
It is like I have punched myself in the stomach. I apologized to my mother-in-law and now have the astute pleasure of having "THE conversation" with the kids after I post this. Wish me luck... and pray that I can try and LIVE out what I tell my kids to do.

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