Yo.. Ho.. Ho... and a bottle of HO-HUM....

July 15, 2010


If pirates of the Caribbean Jonny Depp (sigh....give me a moment.. ok...) a.k.a. Captain Jack Sparrow has a compass that seems to not work properly. He rambles on and on, opens and shuts it at random appearing to have it show "the way" to somewhere or something very important. THIS ... is how my life goes sometimes. I am going by what I know I am supposed to be doing and what I KNOW I have been "made" to do yet it always seems like there are people who like to add in their two sense about what I am supposed to do with my LIMITED time. It is overwhelming to say the least the amount of stuff that I have on my plate. Now, before you go offering "advice" to me about taking things "off my plate" .. save it. The problem is not the amount of things on my plate it is the fact that people still expect me to GIVE more. I am not superwoman nor do I have the drive, time or even the slightest bit of desire to be her. I am ME. I am comfortable with ME and who I am. I think that if women and mothers could just BE comfortable and content with who they are then we would not feel the need to pick at other women to make ourselves feel better. It is not someone else's place or dare I say that it is NOT their "calling" in life to be every other women's (AHEM.. clears throat to emphasise the sarcasm) "accountability partner".
OK, this venting session has been brought to you by an honest woman who is sick and tired of seeing women compete with and tear down other women in a futile and quite ridiculous attempt to make themselves feel better.....
signing off now to go and BE me.


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