crock pots and crack pots...

July 15, 2010


Have you ever de-boned a chicken at 7am on a Saturday? Well, I highly do NOT recommend it... to anyone.. especially before drinking coffee and possibly taking some sort of sedative. I mean WHO in their right mind does this right? Well... I did, today, 7am this morning. on a SATURDAY. Am I nuts? I had some sort of strange drive to be little miss Martha Stewart goody 2-shoes Super Proverbs 31 woman today...AKA de-bone a chicken and stick it in a crock pot. I was not in the mood nor had enough coffee to ingest to make queries on a field or tell my house maids to purchase it.. so the next best thing was make dinner.. at 7am on a Saturday. My martyrdom began with the removing of the plastic film surrounding the poor deceased (yet delicious) animal (God rest it's soul) and placing it inside the crock pot. Then the dirty work begins. To anyone who has ever had to do what I am about to describe I offer my sincere apologies and have now been made aware of the effects of "post traumatic stress dis-order" . ahem.. ok.. so THEN you have to reach into the chickens... hmm.. ahem... rear end.. and pull out a bag of it's neck and guts. WOW this is sooo making me hungry. How about you... I digress... After thoroughly shaming the deceased I then dispose of the bag of evidence and proceed to cover the body with carrots and celery (YEAH, like this gives any more dignity to the situation.. which then makes me consider some Mrs. Dash) Sprinkle lightly with seasoning, add some water and potatoes then cover the "yummy dish" and switch the crock pot on. WHEW! I just single handedly gave myself bragging rights to anyone and everyone who asks me "what are you doing for dinner? " To which I can now reply.." Oh ME? Well, I already made dinner .. at 7am THIS morning.. this SATURDAY morning."
Yeah, this is my Blog today... it is not glamorous but it is pretty much my morning.. anyone want to go out for pizza tomorrow? ;)

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