if you really want to know "me" talk to me OFF stage

July 15, 2010


There is a moment when I am on a stage singing that the world seems to just go away. I find myself standing in this glow of .. well I guess you could say the glow of God himself. I stand in it and just soak it up. There are few times that I get to be un-disturbed and able to belt out a tune with gusto and just let my heart be emptied. But when I am singing on a stage it is for certain a time with my creator that is un-rivaled.

The "down" side to all of this would be the perception that people get of me while I am on a "stage". It is the rush of thoughts at me from others when I am attempting to gather my belongings and rush home to my children after leading a worship service. Some of the questions are as follows.. "How is Nashville?" "How is the album coming along"" "When will you be on the radio?" Then the comments begin... "It must be so amazing to do what you are doing?" "How did you start doing music?" "Can you help me get into the "music biz"?"

Now, I am not saying that the questions are coming from a place that is bad, or that people are being mean, but it makes me sad. Why, you may ask? Because although a part of my life is doing the "music thing" it is not the BIGGEST part of my life. The BIGGEST part of my life would be the fact that God allowed me to be a pretty awesome part of bringing three lives into this world and has allowed me the opportunity to be a mom. All my life I have rocked baby dolls and pretended to be the little miss mommy. Don't get me wrong, I was also pretending to be a rockstar... just with children on each hip. ;)

So, for the most part this blog is NOT going to be about my life as a "music chick" and it will give you a real, honest look into my life as a not so "DIVA" mom. If you really want to know about me and get to know me.. then stick around and read my blog. I warn you.. I am honest and transparent to a fault.. and will hold not a lot back. Tears, laughter and even frustration will be poured out and typed with gusto as I gulp down my morning coffee.

Hope to have you along with me on this blogging journey...

Off to actually get out of my PJ's for the day.... (sips coffee....mmmmm)

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